Conduit Law has pioneered the growing flexible and On Demand® legal services market.



We work on M&A Deal Support, Managed Legal Services, Transportation, Energy, Banking, and Consumer Products

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Fixed-fee Managed Legal Services


Increase your capabilities with an On Demand® and rapidly deployable legal services solution that can fill any gaps in your in-house team. From a GC On Demand® to lawyers trained to work with your existing team, a conduit lawyer can fill the gap in your organization.



You can benefit from in-house legal advice with your General Counsel On Demand®. Our service will embed a Conduit Lawyer at your offices, available to meet the needs of your business.



While a General Counsel is a trusted business advisor across your organization, some situations call for a unique solution with a more tailored approach. From short-term projects to special engagements, Conduit Law has a roster of high-tempo and experienced counsel available as your Lawyer On Demand®.