Conduit Law has pioneered the growing market of flexible and On Demand® legal services.



M&A Deal Support, Managed Legal Services, Transportation, Energy, Banking, Consumer products

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Fixed-fee Managed Legal Services

For In-House

Our unique solution embeds lawyers as On Demand® legal counsel, working with in-house teams client general counsel and serving as On Demand® general counsel for small to mid-size entrepreneurial clients. Our lawyers can work on-site or through our flexible On Demand® service, perfect for short-term projects, workflow spikes, and overflow work.

For Law Firms

It’s time for a new way of working with lawyers and solving legal problems. Conduit Law, a pioneer in flexible and On Demand® legal services, offers The Evolution of Law®. For your agile and responsive firm, we provide instant access to a pool of top-quality lawyers for short-term projects and longer-term absences. Conduit Law’s creative and responsive solution helps your firm meet client challenges.


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